pdfBurst breaks apart PDF batches containing invoices, purchase orders, statements, or other documents from ERP solutions such as SAP, Oracle, and JD Edwards. Once bursted, each document is analyzed and key values extracted; these values are used to route the document by email or fax via RightFax or other document delivery solution.


Virtual Printer Port

The Ballistic Echo Virtual Printer Port allows print jobs to be intercepted and redirected at the port level.  Once intercepted, the print-related information can be processed locally, output to a file, and/or sent to a web service if desired.  Once the processing is complete the print job is sent to the local printer to complete the print job.  The Virtual Printer Port can also come with a framework to allow you to inject your own print jobs at any time. This powerful solution can help you to create an arm’s length integration in cases where a traditional integration is too costly or time consuming.  


Xerox Solutions

Since 2010, Ballistic Echo has been integrating Xerox® MFP devices and technology with customer workflow. In 2017, we became one of only a few worldwide partners to be named an official Xerox® Personalized Application Builder.  To date, Ballistic Echo has successfully launched a number of ConnectKey applications for use on Xerox® MFP devices. Add to this our other assortment of Xerox® related products and services and Ballistic Echo is well positioned to help your achieve your goals within the Xerox® product and services arena.

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